Friday Speakers

Friday April 23rd

Nyetta Patton & Tammy Ewers

Nyetta Patton,
Director Medicare Health Plan Operations
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
San Francisco & Seattle Regional Office

Nyetta is a Director for San Francisco/Seattle Health Plan Operations, Office of Program Operations & Local Engagement and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Nyetta has worked at a national level in the areas of PACE, PFFS, SNP Programs, Audits, Regulatory Compliance, National Surveillance Program, Credentialing, and Medicare Advantage Deeming Programs. Before joining CMS, Nyetta worked for the United States Department of Justice and the Department of Veteran Affairs. She has worked as a clinician in health care operations for over 30 years.


Tammy Ewers: From Noridian Healthcare Solutions, she is a Provider Outreach and Education Representative servicing all Noridian States. She has nearly 30 years of Medicare experience encompassing both Part A and Part B programs with the past 20 years dedicated specifically to education and outreach endeavors. Her primary function is to serve as a liaison between the health care community and the Medicare Program with a focus on providing educational instruction and guidance to all provider types. She has worked on a number of state and program transitions.  In addition to her business and educational background she is and has been credentialed as a certified professional coder for many years and serves on multiple CMS, state groups, professional committees and advisory groups.

Julie Schroeder: From Noridian Healthcare Solutions, Julie Schroeder serves as a Provider Outreach and Education Representative specifically with Provider Enrollment. She has seven years of experience working with Medicare including Part A and Part B provider/suppliers. She serves as an intermediary between the medical community and Medicare providing education, guidance, and knowledge of regulations.  Julie’s focus is increasing provider success in enrolling in the Medicare program. Julie has a strong understanding of the Identity and Access system (I & A), Provider Enrollment Chain & Ownership System (PECOS) system, and enrollment practices. Julie has a Bachelor of Art’s degree, in Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. She has thirty years of experience working with government regulations within the educational and financial sectors. Julie grew up in Minnesota enjoying sailing, kayaking, and hiking around the 10,000 plus lakes.


Phillip Iverson & Cole Rodgers

Phillip Iverson, BA, CPCS, CPMSM is a Medical Staff Professional with over twenty years of experience in the healthcare field, a majority of those years focused in medical staff services professional field.  Phillip holds a Bachelor of Arts degree through Saint Mary’s College of California.  Additionally, Phillip is dual certified in the medical staff services field through the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) as both a Certified Provider Credentials Specialist (CPCS) and as a Certified Professional Medical Staff Management (CPMSM).

Currently, Phillip is employed as the Professional Staff and Credentialing Services Senior Manager at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC) a multi-state ambulatory clinic system.  Phillip and his team are responsible for the credentialing of all the medical and dental providers, pharmacists and behavioral specialists as well as the health plan enrollments, FPPE/OPPE measures, peer review functions, quality efforts around Meaningful Use, and the annual FTCA grant.  Additionally, in his role, Phillip works with recruitment and retention efforts, graduate medical education, provider investigations, and a whole host of “other duties as assigned”.  His previous experience includes time as a Medical Staff Specialist at Fresno Surgical Hospital and Children’s Hospital Central California, a Program Coordinator in the UCSF-Fresno Pediatric Residency Program and an independent Medical Staff Consultant.

Phillip has been an active member of WAMSS assisting on multiple committees, including the conference planning committee.  Over the years he has spoken at multiple state conferences, including WAMSS.  Additionally, Phillip has taken the time to mentor multiple MSP’s on the state and national level, whether it be for certification prep, leadership development or on credentialing in general.  When not working as a subject matter expert, Phillip enjoys spending time with his family, studying language, reading or being physical in the outdoors participating in endurance events.

Cole Rodgers was raised in small town Arkansas where he learned everything you need to know about living, loving, and leadership.

From waking up at the crack of dawn to help his uncle on the farm, fetching eggs for his grandmother, fishing in the afternoon, and playing basketball and baseball with his cousins, this Arkansas boy learned that in order to activate others, you first need to activate yourself. Fast forward to today, Cole Rodgers has experienced pain, hardship, and adversity, but has decided to use it for his purpose which is seen in his work.

Vice President of a top five consulting firm that works with Human Resource and Benefits teams, Cole Rodgers has a passion for helping his clients achieve their dreams and unlock their own potential and purpose in the workplace while serving their employees at the highest level. Cole has worked with Fortune 500 companies, large healthcare organizations, along with large Charter Schools when it comes to leadership, constructing high-performing teams, unlocking passion in the workplace, and understanding what it truly means to have it all. Rodgers is also the founder of School of Man, a revolutionary leadership program for men and author to an upcoming best-seller School of Man – Man’s Guide To Living, Loving, and Legacy.

He is married to a beautiful wife Ashley Rodgers and they together have two beautiful children – Ava Madison and Landon.  They love spending time together, making memories, and seeking adventure.

Anna Salviejo-Meyers – I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Eastern Washington University in 2008. After graduation, I entered the workforce as a Credentialing Specialist for Molina Healthcare until April of 2010.  I then transitioned into the inpatient setting, as Director of the Medical Staff Office for Valley Hospital in Spokane Valley Washington, in April of 2011.  I had the privilege of coordinating the implementation of all approved programs, projects, and significant activities of the Medical Staff Office, and participated in Physician Leadership Development initiatives. MultiCare purchased Valley and Deaconess Hospital, and soon after that my position was restructured. I transitioned to Medical Staff Manager for both Valley and Deaconess Hospital in October of 2018 and held that position until December of 2019. I also earned both my CPCS and CPMSM during that timeframe.
While attending Eastern, I charted a non-for-profit service and faith-based mentoring program, currently still in operation today. I now sit on that organization’s Inland Northwest Alumnae Chapter. I am the acting WAMSS education coordinator. I was appointed as Ombudsman to my Husband’s deployed unit, returning home in September of 2021.  I continue mentoring both college and high school students.
Additionally, I assist with meal coordination for the underrepresented/homeless community through Blessings Under the Bridge. I am currently completing my last year of my Master’s program through Gonzaga University. I intend to graduate in the Spring of 2021 with a degree in Communication and Leadership Studies, with a Servant-Leadership concentration.
Presently I work for CHAS health as an Operations Support Specialist supporting both the VP of Utilization and Care Management and VP of Pharmacy Services. CHAS Health is a non-profit, federally qualified health center (FQHC) that provides medical, dental, pharmacy, and behavioral health services to families and individuals of all ages, regardless of ability to pay.
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our community alongside CHAS health.
My presentation will be on:
Will the application of a Servant-Leader approach to conflict management in the workplace result in higher employee retention?
I will provide an overview of how the application of Servant-Leadership to conflict management situations will lead to a more sustainable positive team environment, leading to higher employee retention. Large and small corporations across a variety of services and applications deal with conflict in the workplace.   I intend to focus on large corporations, where smaller departments exist, and conflict management situations are delegated to department managers to resolve. Predicting that applying the seven pillars of Servant-Leadership will produce a more cohesive, sustainable team “When a problem arises in an organization the natural tendency is to zoom in on the person or issue to analyze and to fix.” (Sipe & Frick. 2009, pp. 131). Servant-Leaders do this but also take a step back, evaluating the mosaic versus just a piece. Work environments today are as complex as mosaics.