The Washington Association Medical Staff Services, an affiliate of the National Association Medical Staff Services, was founded in 1979 by enthusiastic medical staff professionals throughout the state of Washington. Their objectives in forming the organization were:

  • to provide professional and personal development;
  • provide networking opportunities;
  • act as a communication resource;
  • assist with career advancement; and
  • provide education for medical staff professionals in Washington.

From a handful of original members, WAMSS now includes representatives from most hospitals, physician groups, and healthcare insurance plans across the state. These organizations benefit by having Medical Staff Professionals who are up-to-date in the aspects of medical staff management. WAMSS continues to promote the goals and objectives of our founding members by meeting regularly as chapters and collectively at an annual meeting.


The objective of WAMSS shall be to provide the opportunity for continuing education and to promote the improvement of professional knowledge and skill by uniting persons who are engaged in medical staff or related activities throughout the State of Washington, and to support the mission of the National Association Medical Staff Services.