Washington Credentialing Standardization Group (WCSG)

The WCSG is a group comprised of credentialing representatives from Hospitals, Health Plans, and other physician organizations. While the WCSG is not a committee of WAMSS, they are a committee that works closely with WAMSS to identify opportunities to streamline the credentialing process. Participation in WCSG is voluntary, is free of charge, and is not dependent on membership with WAMSS. Below are some standardized tools that the WCSG has developed over the years that are accepted by most organizations around the state. Interested in WCSG meeting information? Contact the WCSG Chair Carrianne Dockter for the upcoming meeting information and agenda.

The Washington Practitioner Application (WPA) is a standardized application that is accepted by most hospitals, health plans, and physician organizations through the state. See some changes that need to be made to the application? We update the application every couple of years, so submit your change request to the WCSG Chair Carrianne Dockter and we’ll add it to the list of revisions to consider.

A Release of Information is a vital component to credentialing applications. It allows credentialing departments to primary source verify information disclosed on the application, and holds them harmless for decisions they make as a result of receiving that information. Don’t write your own Release, use this one!

This Reappointment Attestation meets all CMS, DNC, NCQA, and URAC requirements for reappointment/re-credentialing, and is accepted by most organizations throughout the state. Check ours out and see if you’d like to include it in your organization’s documents.

The WCSG also has a sub-committee that works to streamline delegation oversight audits. The Washington Credentialing Standardization Group (WCSG) Shared Delegation Audit (SDA) Program was established in 2001 as a sub-group of the WCSG.  The SDA Program is a voluntary organization which is comprised of professionals from various organizations (typically Health Plans) that delegate credentialing to Medical Organizations throughout Washington State. The team maintains an audit tool (WCAT) and a file review worksheet (WFRW) that is compliant with NCQA, CMS, and State Medicaid requirements for credentialing. Want to complete an internal audit of your credentialing files and policies, but don’t have any tools? Use ours! Tools are updated bi-annually in January and July, or more frequently as needed.

If you are interested in further information about the WCSG Audit Team, please look under the WCSG Audit Team link.

Interested in learning more about the Shared Audit Team? Contact Michelle Pittman