Scholarship and Award Information

Interested in what scholarships are available to you as a member?

Click here for the Certification Exam Scholarship Application


Purpose: The certification exam scholarship shall be provided to six (6) individuals within the calendar year in the amount of $400 each. Fees on the NAMSS website differ based on whether the applicant is a current NAMSS member or a non-member. WAMSS does not require an applicant to be a current member of NAMSS.

Eligibility: Any current member of WAMSS who is not currently a board member of the WAMSS organization, may apply for the certification scholarship. The applicant must not have received any scholarship funds within the last three (3) years. There is no geographic requirement placed upon the applicant (i.e. the applicant is not required to live or work directly within Washington State.)

Criteria: The applicants must:

  • Have commitment towards educational growth as a medical staff services professional
  • Have commitment towards the enhancement of professionalism in the field of medical staff services
  • Be enthusiastic in supporting the goals of WAMSS
  • Explain future benefits to WAMSS resulting from educational assistance
  • Actively study for the exam, either by involvement in a study group or using study guide materials
  • Contribute to the WAMSS community
  • Represents the profession to the public in a positive manner

You may review exam eligibility requirements on the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS) website.

The Judy Kleckner Scholarship provides financial assistance to one (1) WAMSS member per year in an amount not to exceed $500 each. To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Certification as a Certified Medical Staff Coordinator or a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist.
  • Involvement in the profession of medical staff services.
  • Current membership in WAMSS
  • Not currently a member of the WAMSS Board or WAMSS Scholarship Committee.
  • Current or planned participation in a formal accredited educational program will foster personal and professional growth and will enhance knowledge and competence in the field of medical staff services.

The Margaret Geering Award is given to a WAMSS member who has contributed significantly to the profession. Click here to read about the history of this prestigious award.  Previous award recipients include:

2001-Margaret Geering 2002-Pam Roberts
2003-Vikki Gore 2004-Georganna Biggins
2005-Karen Hays 2006-Mickey Sanders
2007-Donna Zulauf 2008-Bettina Acosta
2009-Kari Muse 2010-Kate Cross
2011-Rita Rakestraw 2012-Carol Mangum
2013-Cheryl Thomas 2014-Beverly Osborne
2015-Carrianne Dockter  2016-Irene Torres
2017-Michelle Chadek 2018
2019-Barbi Donovan

The ICON Award (Inspirational Commitment to the Organization) is presented to an individual or group who has demonstrated success in heightening awareness of WAMSS and elevating the esteem of the medical services profession. The award may be presented annually. WAMSS Board members may not nominate recipients for this award. Email the Nomination Form to with the subject line, “WAMSS ICON Award Nomination.”  To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Continuous encouragement and enthusiasm for the work of the Washington Association Medical Staff Services.
  • Commitment to the organizational goals, mission, and vision of the Washington Association Medical Staff Services.
  • Demonstrated success in heightening awareness of WAMSS to members, employers, key stakeholders, and/or the public.
  • Demonstrated success in promoting the value of the medical services professional’s role in the healthcare community.
  • Demonstrated success in elevating the esteem of the medical services profession.
  • Qualities of leadership and statesmanship are exhibited for the benefit of the organization and the profession.

Previous award recipients include:
2019 – Heidi Martinez