Washington State License Renewal

Washington State License Renewal


Same Day Service

Capital Courier Service
2747 Pacific Ave SE #B18
Olympia, WA 98501

For information call 360-357-3330.  Fax #: 360-352-1924.

Be prepared to provide name, credential #, date birth, city you’re calling from, call back number, amount of renewal and the fax number to receive a confirmation. Funds can be sent person to person to Tami Carney through Western Union with an additional delivery fee added for Capital Courier Services, usually $15.  Capital Courier must receive the 10 digit control number before 1:00 pm in order to renew the license(s) the same day.

Funds can also be mailed or sent overnight to them at the address above if you have a few days before the license expires.


Renewals Online

There are two login steps in order to renew online: 1. Login to Secure Access Washington (SAW). 2. Login to the Department of Health HSQA Online Services after logging into SAW.

New users must create an account with SAW.  Instructions for new users are available or you may start creating an account and renew online here.  You’ll need the service code 7472 to access the HSQA Online Renewal System.  Previous users must use their existing SAW login ID and password. Instructions for previous users are available or you may renew online here. You may need the service code 7472 to access the HSQA Online Renewal System.

Contact Consolidated Technology Services (24 hours) at 888-241-7597 or email them if you experience problems with the SAW website.  Contact DOH Customer Service Center at 360-236-4700 or email DOH if you have problems with the Department of Health HSQA Online Services site. DOH is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (excluding holidays).

Additional information about online renewals is available at DOH Frequently Asked Questions.