Multicare Health System – Medical Staff Coordinator

MultiCare believes that each employee makes a significant contribution to our success. Contributions can be within and outside of assigned responsibilities. It is our expectation that each employee will offer his/her services wherever and whenever necessary to ensure the success of our endeavors.
JOB TITLE: Medical Staff Coord POSITION CODE: G261004
DEPARTMENT: Medical Staff Services FLSA STATUS: Exempt
REPORTS TO: Dir- Medical Staff Services DATE: March 2020
The Medical Staff Coordinator is responsible for coordination and preparation of medical staff functions; prepares for committee meetings, takes minutes, and processes and distributes appropriate correspondence. The Medical Staff Coordinator is also responsible for coordinating, monitoring and maintaining the credentialing and re-credentialing process by facilitating aspects of credentialing including, appointment, reappointment, monitoring FPPE/OPPE and privileging for medical staff and allied health practitioners. This position works under the supervision of the Director of Medical Staff Services to support medical staff activities and special projects for all physicians and health care affiliates within MultiCare Health System hospitals and MultiCare Medical Group and Managed Care. Work situations are varied and involve highly confidential information and require a professional demeanor, organizational skills, independence and attention to detail.
– Acts as a liaison between the Medical Staff and hospital administration and facilitates communications between these entities as appropriate
– Organizes and coordinates daily support activities for the medical staff to assure timely completion of tasks, communications, projects and follow-through
– Coordinates services for assigned medical staff committees, such as preparing agendas, compiling agenda back-up information, coordinating meeting arrangements which includes scheduling a room and food service, disseminating meeting announcements, preparation of the meeting room, recording accurate minutes, and drafting follow-up letters and memorandums for approval by the respective committee chairmen
– Maintains committee minutes and archives assuring confidentiality and dissemination of information within medical staff policies and guidelines
– Identifies committee actions and tracks these actions from their origin through to the Executive Committee level, assuring that all affected committees are informed and receive actions pertinent to them; maintains a subject index and cross reference file of committee activities and/or actions to aid in retrieval of information
– Coordinates the appointment and re-appointment process for credentialing and privileges, for physician and health care affiliates throughout MultiCare Health System
∙ Ensures compliance with the accrediting and regulatory agencies (i.e. JCAHO, NCQA, CMS, and WA State) in regard to credentialing while developing and maintaining a working knowledge of the statutes and laws
∙ Notifies hospital departments of new medical staff members or changes to present staff membership

– Maintains and updates credentialing and clinical privileging database, assuring the accuracy and integrity of the data
– Responds to requests for references from other health care facilities
– Generates reports as requested by other departments
– Maintains the confidentiality of all business/work and medical staff information. Assists in managing the flow of information between the MSO team, Medical Staff Leadership (including the Service and Committee chairpersons).
– Adheres to MHS Attendance and Punctuality Policy and Procedure standards, and maintains reliable attendance
– Contributes to the success of the organization by meeting organizational competency expectations and core values (respect, integrity, stewardship, excellence, collaboration and kindness), continuously learning, and by performing other duties as needed or assigned
– Respect: Seek first to understand
– Integrity: Do the right thing
– Stewardship: Live lean
– Excellence: Be your best/Act for safety’s sake
– Collaboration: Team up
– Kindness: Create warmth and comfort
– Contributes to the success of the organization by meeting organizational competency expectations, continuously learning, and by performing other duties as needed or assigned
– Knowledge of NCQA/JCAHO standards and application
– Knowledge of medical staff privileging and credentialing process
– Knowledge of and skill in the use of PC and related systems and software
– Knowledge of and a thorough understanding of the principles of medical staff organization management
– Knowledge and understanding of medical terminology, medical ethic, and medical staff legal issues
– Skilled in oral and written communication; accurate grammar and spelling
– Ability to interact with a variety of professional personalities and handle sensitive situations and information with tact, diplomacy, and confidentiality
– Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently, and select and utilize resources available effectively to maximize productivity
– Ability to work flexible hours as needed to accomplish the demands of the position and the related workload
– Ability to work independently and take initiative
– Ability to set priorities and use good judgment

– AA degree or business or vocational training; equivalent additional relevant experience in lieu of education will be considered
– Three (3) years credentialing experience
– Experience in medical staff support services in an acute care setting
– Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) by the National Association of Medical Staff Services strongly preferred
– Credentialing database experience preferred
– Echo credentialing database preferred
Job descriptions represent a general outline of job duties, functions and qualifications. They are not intended to be comprehensive in nature. In addition, jobs evolve over time and therefore their description may not reflect the precise nature of the position at a given point in time.
It is MultiCare’s policy to base hiring decisions solely on the individual’s ability to perform essential job functions. Persons with disabilities are eligible for this position provided they can perform those functions with reasonable accommodation.
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